APRIL 10, 2012

High methane levels in Arctic - April 2012

This animation is a 774 kb file and may take some time to fully load. 

MARCH 29, 2012

How thick is the Arctic Sea Ice?
Below, an animation showing the route against a backdrop of the Arctic region.

MARCH 18, 2012

Warming in the Arctic

Note: this is a 3.4 MB animation that may take some time to fully load. 

FEBRUARY 25, 2012

Arctic radiation animation

Note that this is a 17.7 MB file. It may take some time for the animation to fully load. 

FEBRUARY 24, 2012

Temperature anomalies continue in the Arctic

The image below shows the current sea ice's thickness, i.e. for February 2012. The animation illustrates that much of the sea ice is moving along with the sea current, flowing out of the Arctic Ocean along the edges of Greenland into the Atlantic Ocean.

Click on image or go to U.S. Naval Research Lab for updated animation

FEBRUARY 20, 2012

Abrupt release of methane in the Arctic in late 2011? 

The animation below shows daily satellite pictures of methane descending down the Arctic, from the North Pole into North America over a period of 13 days (November 26, 2011, to December 8, 2011). Distances traveled daily appear to match average wind speeds for the respective area at this time of the year.

Note: This is a 2.17 MB file; it may take some time for the animation to fully load.

FEBRUARY 11, 2012

Temperature anomalies over 20 degrees Celsius

The area of the Kara Sea, Franz Josef Land and Svalbard shows temperature anomalies of over 20 degrees Celsius. How can such anomalies be explained?  

Above animation is a 4.7MB file. It may take some time for the animation to fully load. It covers the period December 7, 2011, to February 11, 2012.

FEBRUARY 10, 2012

January 2012 shows record levels of methane in the Arctic

Arctic temperatures

[note: animation is a 1.72 MB file and may take a while to fully load and become visible on the page, especially on slower connections. Keep the page going for a while if it does'n immediately show up animated.]

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