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  1. Greetings,

    The Climate CoLab Geoengineering Contest is seeking proposals, especially to avoid methane feedbacks caused by global warming. The website is:

    Interest in geoengineering—large-scale, intentional modification of the Earth’s climate—is growing. Two types of geoengineering approaches have been discussed extensively: solar radiation management and carbon-dioxide removal. But relatively little attention has been directed towards moderating the natural carbon feedbacks now being activated by global warming.

    Methane is responsible for around one quarter of global warming. We invite proposals on all approaches to geoengineering but are particularly interested in ideas that would effectively limit warming contributions from positive methane feedbacks in the environment.

    This contest runs through February/March 2013 (actual deadline will be announced shortly). Winning proposals will be communicated to the scientific and policy communities, with winners invited to present their work. For details on the contest, and on how to participate, please see